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1. Donations/Scholarships/Grants
(Customer Service/Customer Service)
... of OPASTCO. OPASTCO’s non-profit charitable arm, the Foundation for Rural Education and Development (FRED) promotes activities that improve rural educational, social and economic conditions. The Foundation’s ...
2. Network Management
... varies based on any number of factors, most importantly the distance between a customer's computer and the ultimate Internet destination (as well as the number and variety of networks your packets cross), ...
3. Acceptable Use Policy
... Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company (together with any subsidiaries or affiliates providing your service, hereafter “ Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company,” “we” “us” or “Company”) and includes ...
4. Local Content
... CLvision VOD.  Push the "Movies" or "Video On Demand" button on the bottom of your remote.  Then scroll to "Local Content".  All games are FREE. The games will also be rebroadcast on channel 1: Tuesdays ...
5. Community Services
(Customer Service/Customer Service)
... libraries in Clear Lake and Ventura, Clear Lake Arts Center, Opportunity Village Store and an educational rate for a wide area network for our schools.  CL Tel was a major contributor to the Opportunity ...
6. Internet eSupport
(Customer Service/Customer Service)
... Info: Information on various Internet utilities such as Instant Messaging support, tutorials and links to set up applications.  ...
7. Internet FAQ
(Customer Service/Customer Service)
... make a recommendation during the on-site visit to your home or business. Other Necessities A CLtel analog telephone line. A CLtel Internet account (included in the price of the DSL line.) Top ...
8. Customer Service
(Customer Service/Customer Service)
At CL Tel, we have a dedicated team of telecommunications experts working on your behalf every day. As your local provider, we live and work alongside you in the Clear Lake and Ventura communities — ...
9. Video On Demand
Watch great movies from the comfort of your home! No trips to the video store or worrying about late fees. Choose from a selection of recently released hit movies or favorites from the past. Simply use ...
10. FileHopper
... computers to store our photos.  Unfortunately, disasters can occur at anytime, anywhere, causing you to loose all of your memories and valuable information.  What would happen to all of your photos and ...
11. EcoPhones
... Used cell phones that have an economic value are refurbished and reused in markets utilizing compatible wireless technologies such as North and South America. Reuse reduces the depletion of our Earth's ...
12. Pay in Advance Plans
 UNlimit your life with MEGAtalk Pay In Advance plans that allow you to talk, surf the internet, or text as much as you want, anytime, without worries of high bills. MEGAtalk is available in three ...
13. Lake Cams
(Other/Homepage and Misc)
Clear Lake and Ventura residents have a high-tech front row seat to activities on the lake. CLvision and CLtel utilize fiber optic cable to provide action views of the lake near the downtown seawall. ...
14. Accessories
To help make your life easier… Batteries, Caller ID adjuncts, cords, adaptors, jacks, surge protectors, handset cords…  ...
15. Internet Security
... single service made up of a suite of technologies that are fully managed and supported to protect your computer. Fully automated protection and removal of viruses, spyware and adware Automated ...
16. Relay Iowa
... you place a call and hear a series of high pitched sounds, it may be a TTY.  You can call Relay Iowa and give the operator the phone number to complete your call.  There is no additional charge ...
17. Our History
(About/About Us)
... to the rest of the world because of advanced technologies that help you work smarter and keep you in touch with your families. That's what exists in Clear Lake and Ventura.  When CLtel completed ...
18. CL Tel Extended History
(About/About Us)
...  Organizers of the company include many of Clear Lake's pioneering families: D.H. Palmeter, L.F. Bass, J.B. Patterson, John Ott, F.E. Bolton, Charles H. Elce, G.A. Watts, J.C. Wright, J.H. Woodstock, ...
19. Contact CL Tel
(About/About Us)
Telephone:  641-357-2111 or 800-642-6201    Business Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After Hours: 641-357-5200 Fax: 641-357-8800 Email:  For Job Opening Inquiries: ...
20. CL Tel Community Involvement
(About/About Us)
... to expand and renovate the library; CLnet2 provides free high speed Internet service to the libraries in Clear Lake and Ventura, Clear Lake Arts Center, Opportunity Village Store and an educational rate ...
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