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SkyBluew Hosted VoIP

Stay Connected with Skyblue Phone Solutions

When it comes to business, connection matters. So, whether you’re serving your customers or meeting with your vendors, you need a Phone service that works as hard as you do. CL Tel offers feature-rich Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications as well as reliable traditional voice services.


The last phone system you’ll ever need.

A Trusted Partner

Get top-tier tech expertise without the big-city attitude. We’re proudly based in Iowa—where hard work, fairness, transparency, and respect are at the heart of everything we do. We are genuinely invested in your success. Whether it’s security upgrades or feature enhancements, simply connect to the internet and let us handle the rest.

More Functionality, No Matter Where You Are

SkyBlue offers HD Voice from Polycom for crystal-clear business calls, along with features like automatic voicemail forwarding to email and the ability to make calls from remote locations while appearing as if they’re from the main office. Integrate with Outlook and Customer Relationship Management systems to add further functionality.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

CL Tel’s SkyBlue Hosted VoIP provides businesses with a solution for navigating unpredictable growth cycles. It offers advanced technologies without significant upfront hardware expenses. Immediate savings are realized through reduced monthly communication fees and seamless operation across various devices. By eliminating the need for expensive hardware systems and consolidating phone and data lines, SkyBlue renders traditional phone lines obsolete, resulting in ongoing cost savings.

Secure and Stable Connections

Every business needs to plan for potential disasters. Floods, fires, and tornadoes can wreak havoc, but with SkyBlue Hosted VoIP, business will go uninterrupted. Since no physical box resides on your premises (it resides in redundant and secure data centers), customers can still connect with your business because employees can work from anywhere. Our simple, easy-to-use CommPortal lets you quickly forward calls to cell phones or other phones in unaffected locations. And our MaX UC Mobile and Desktop apps let your team operate just as they would in the office.

Flexibility Today, So You Can Scale Tomorrow

Embrace the future of communications with our scalable VoIP plans. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, our flexible solutions adapt to your evolving needs. Have 10 or more users? We offer volume discounts to help you scale effortlessly.


$19.95 per user/month.

The Essentials:

  • Admin Portal
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Click to Dial
  • CommPortal
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • HD Voice
  • Multi Line Hunt Groups
  • Music On Hold
  • Unlimited Long Distance and Local Calling

Most Popular


$29.95 per user/month.

All Basic features, plus:

  • Call Jump
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Hardware-free Experience
  • Instant Messaging
  • MaX UC Mobile App
  • Voicemail to Email


$34.95 per user/month.

All Enhanced features, plus:

  • CRM Integration
  • MaX UC Desktop App
Audio Conferencing

SkyBlue Audio Conferencing enables multiple people on multiple phones to connect on the same call. Each person dials in to a central conferencing line and can hear and speak to all the other people who call in to the same line. “

Basic Attendant

Similar to a live operator, our Basic Attendant allows CommPortal desktop client users to direct incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee.

Business Call Manager

Business Call Manager is a handy feature of our CommPortal platform, allowing you to quickly set your status to Available, Do Not Disturb, or Forward Calls (to a specified number). Integration with our Incoming Call Manager enables predefined rule-sets to be applied.

Business Group Admin Portal

With our easy to use Business Group Admin portal, BGAs can: view and change the account details of Business Group line users; create Departments, Dialing Plans and Short Codes; attach Line Users to Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs), Multi-Line Hunt Groups (MLHGs), and Call Pickup Groups; manage messaging features; and reset and reallocate lines to new users.

Call Forwarding

Use our Call Forwarding feature to redirect incoming phone calls to a different phone number or hunt group.

Call Hold

Call hold enables users to pause activity on an active call so that they can use the phone for another task, such as searching the phone’s menu for information. You can set background music to play for the end user while they are on hold.

Call Paging

Quickly initiate one-way communications to an office phone or overhead speaker system.

Call Pickup Groups

Call Pickup Groups allow you to answer a call that comes in on a number other than your own. This is especially useful for calls placed to a department or team. Also, when you hear an incoming call ringing on another phone, you can redirect the call to your phone.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer enables users to transfer an existing active call to a third-party address. Users can easily conduct Blind Transfers (immediately transfer a call to the end party) and Consultative Transfers (speaking with the end party before transferring). You can configure the call transfer feature and set the default transfer type.

Call Waiting

Our phones alert users to incoming calls while a user is in an active call. You can choose to disable these call waiting alerts and specify ringtones for incoming calls.

Caller ID

Our caller ID displays the phone number and name and/or location of the party calling you. Caller ID clearly displays on your office phone, smart phone, and desktop client.

Click to Dial

Click to Dial enables users to instantly place calls to their contacts from within the CommPortal desktop application.


CommPortal turns any web browser into your personal call center. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to adjust settings and control features in just a few clicks.

You can:
– Listen to voicemail messages online
– Forward audio files of voicemail messages to an email account
– Forward your calls to another phone number
– Block all anonymous calls
– View your call history
– Click to Dial – dial numbers from your contact list with one click
– Store and manage your favorite contacts

You can completely remove your physical office phone if so desired.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Each user receives his or her own non-published phone number that can be used for direct calls from clients, family, or friends. DID also simplifies internal calling and transferring from the reception desk.

HD Voice

All of our Polycom phones feature HD Voice, which delivers over twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. It’s like switching from AM radio to studio-quality audio. The difference is so astounding, you will never want to go back to regular phone calls.


Set up a hotline for automatic, point-to-point communications with a phone or system of your choosing.

Long Distance Account Codes

Easily activate or deactivate Long Distance service, set call types and account codes, and edit the list of permitted codes.

Multi Line Hunt Groups

Multi Line Hunt Groups allow sequential ringing of available phones for use in applications such as call centers and department work groups. An MLHG consists of a number of lines within a business group, known as members. When a call comes into the hunt group, a customizable hunt algorithm will decide which phone to ring. If the initial phone is busy or is not answered, the hunt algorithm will move on to another phone.

Multiple Call Appearances

Enable each registered phone line to support multiple concurrent calls and have each concurrent call display on a phone’s user interface. For example, with multiple call appearances, users can place one call on hold, switch to another call on the same registered line, and have both calls display on the phone.


With our Music On Hold feature, you can play the music of your choice while callers are on hold. You can even play recorded advertisements to boost your latest promotion.

Speed Dials and Short Codes

With virtually unlimited customization options, you can access your team members and intercom with a single tap.

Unlimited Long Distance and Local Calling

Unlimited Long Distance and Local Calling is included, bringing consistency to your phone bill month after month.

Call Jump

Our Call Jump feature allows you to transfer an established call made or received using your primary phone number to a different telephone number.

Enhanced Voicemail

Our easy to use voicemail alerts you of messages with a flashing red light on your desk phone, a notification on your smartphone, and an email to your mailbox. You can access your voicemail from your physical office phone, smartphone, or desktop.

Hardware-free Experience

Want to drop office phones altogether? No problem. Use our MaX UC Mobile or Desktop app and our CommPortal desktop client to transition to a 100% soft-client environment if desired.

Instant Messaging

Use our MaX UC Mobile app instant message anyone in your contact list. Users with Professional subscriptions can instant message with MaX UC Desktop, as well.

MaX UC Mobile

Our MaX UC Mobile app allows you to take your office phone with you wherever you are. It delivers a radically simplified and intuitive user experience so you can seamlessly use your personal smartphone as your business phone.

Text Messaging

Your SkyBlue phone number can be used to send text messages! Use Max UC Mobile or Desktop to send text messages – without having to disclose your personal cell phone number.

Voicemail to Email

Automatically forward voicemail as an email attachment to a single email address or multiple email addresses. You can choose to forward voicemails manually, as well.

CRM Integration

We integrate with web-based CRM applications, such as Salesforce and SugarCRM, allowing you to perform URL-based searches and display customer records by matching on the calling name or calling number.

MaX UC Desktop

MaX UC Desktop is the voice and Unified Communications client for Windows PC and Mac. MaX UC Desktop allows users to collaborate with contacts using voice, video, and instant messaging through an intuitive user interface. Features include Phone Twinning, Visual Voicemail, Contact Management, and Multi-Party Call Handling.

Add-On Features

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a group of related functions used in call center and help desk environments for queuing and routing incoming calls so that they can be handled quickly and efficiently. Our integrated ACD offers two levels of functionality to meet the needs of small call centers: Basic ACD and Premium ACD.

Our Basic ACD provides contact center supervisors with a simple dashboard and ready access to detailed statistics and reports. Agents also gain a dashboard view analyzing the real-time status of the queues assigned to them.

Our Premium ACD provides added supervisor features such as Live Agent Monitoring, allowing supervisors to provide “whisper” coaching to agents if required. Customizable agent status codes then provide a full view into what agents are accomplishing when not taking calls from the queue, while Agent Wrap-up provides management with a summary of the types of calls received or the final disposition of a call.

eFax Line

SkyBlue’s eFax lines receive faxes via the Internet and provide additional functionality like Fax-to-Email.

Toll-Free Numbers

Does your organization need a toll-free phone number so your customers can call you without incurring calling charges? We’ve got you covered.

Call Recording

Need to record your calls for quality assurance or liability reasons? Our Call Recording feature allows you to record and access your calls easily.

CommPortal Assistant

CommPortal Assistant is an application that runs on your PC or Mac workstation and offers a convenient and fully integrated route into your Voicemail and CommPortal account. Using CommPortal Assistant, you can (without starting CommPortal):

  • See when you receive new voicemail messages
  • Search your contact lists and place calls to your contacts
  • Make instant changes to your call settings, such as sending incoming calls to your voicemail

Premium Attendant

The SkyBlue Premium Attendant builds upon the functionality of our Basic Attendant with Multi-Level Menus, Flexible Announcement Presentation, Dial-By-Name or Extension, and more.

VoIP Fax Line

Send and receive faxes via the Internet with your existing fax machine. No need for analog lines anymore!

Flexibility of Phone or App

Choose the best of both worlds with our versatile VoIP solutions—whether you prefer a desk phone’s tangibility or a mobile app’s convenience. Our services are designed to accommodate your work style and environment, providing seamless communication no matter where you are or how you choose to connect.

Use our MaX UC mobile app to mirror your mobile phone with your desk phone. You can even eliminate your desk phone altogether.

Enhanced Voicemail
Our easy to use voicemail alerts you of messages with a notification on your desk phone and an email to your mailbox.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Each user receives his or her own non-published phone number that can be used for direct calls from clients, family, or friends. DID also simplifies internal calling and transferring from the reception desk.

And much more!

Easy Management

We handle all software updates and patches, so you don’t have to. Our easy-to-use online portal lets you customize your system instantaneously. Simply log in to:

  • Turn your web browser into a personal call center
  • Change where calls forward to
  • Enable voicemail-to-email
  • View call history
  • Adjust after-hours call routing
  • Manage music on hold
  • Access and manage contacts and speed dial
  • And more

Need help to customize? We’re just a phone call away.