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Boost your Home Value Instantly with Fiber Internet

FUll steam ahead with LightStream

According to the Fiber Broadband Association, homes with Fiber Internet can sell for up to 3.1% more than homes without Fiber Internet. Using Zillow as a guide, the average home value in Clear Lake was $288,704.00 as of March 2023. A homeowner could see an increase in value of up to $8,949.82 by installing Fiber Internet.

Here are some reasons Fiber Internet can add value to a home:


Want a more future-proof technology than a traditional DSL or cable connection? As Internet usage and demand grow, fiber-optic networks can be easily upgraded to support even faster speeds and greater bandwidth. This makes Fiber Internet an attractive feature for home buyers who want to ensure their home will have a reliable, high-speed internet connection for years.

Greater Reliability

Fiber Internet is less susceptible to disruptions caused by weather, electromagnetic interference, or other factors that can disrupt Internet connectivity. This means Fiber Internet provides a more reliable connection, which is essential for many people who need to work from home or rely on the Internet for other critical tasks.

Faster Internet Speeds

As more people work remotely and rely on the Internet for entertainment, faster Internet speeds are becoming increasingly important. Fiber-optic Internet can provide faster speeds than traditional DSL or cable connections, making it more attractive to home buyers.

Other Benefits

Fiber installation is often faster and more cost effective than traditional connections. 

Fiber Internet is an increasingly attractive option for families who want to ensure their data is secure, as it offers greater security than other connection types. Furthermore, thanks to local independent service providers, fiber-optic Internet is surprisingly accessible even in rural areas like Clear Lake where other Internet services are unavailable, providing an invaluable service to those living in remote locations. 

Overall, Fiber Internet can increase home value by providing faster Internet speeds, greater reliability, and future-proofing. These benefits can make your North Iowa home more attractive to potential buyers and lead to higher home prices. 

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