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Control Your Wi-Fi From Your Smartphone

Take advantage of basic parental controls, guest networks, the ability to change network names and more for free through the easy-to-use CL Tel Wi-Fi app.

Added Security & Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The CL Tel Wi-Fi app is easy to use on your mobile device or tablet. From adding a home guest network to scheduling Internet pauses when your kids need a break, our mobile app provides easy control to fit your needs. Plus, the basic app is free to all who use CL Tel Fiber Internet services.

How to Download the CL Tel Wi-Fi App

Open the App Store by scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera or visiting the Google play or Apple App Store.

CLTel Advanced app

Upgrade Your Experience With Experience & Protection+

Parental Control

Keep your kids safe online with Experience & Protection+. This upgrade allows you to set Internet downtime for devices, filter content based on your child’s age and your preferences, enable safe search and prioritize traffic on your network for Quality of Service (QoS) while working from home, gaming and streaming.

Enhanced Security

Experience & Protection+ enhances your network’s security beyond our already incredibly safe connection. It includes virus and intrusion blocking at the router level and tools to help you choose what content should be passed through your network and what should be stopped.


Choose Your Features

The basic, free version of the app does a lot—Experience & Protection+ does even more.

CL Tel Wi-Fi Mobile App
Included FREE!
Experience & Protection+
Add Guest Network
View Connected Device Information
Basic Parental Control
Create profiles
Name and add an image for profile
Add/remove devices to each profile
Manually turn a profile off or on
Schedule offline times
View Network Map
Reset SSID and Password
View Network Usage
Conduct Speed Tests
QoS – prioritize traffic by type (Work From Home, streaming, gaming, etc.)
Filter content by category
Filter content by application
Filter content by website
View approximate usage per profile
Add time limit to application per day
Enable/disable Safe Search
Enable/disable YouTube Restriction
Content filter VPN/Proxy
Continually scan for and protect against viruses and malicious content
Protect connected devices at the router level – not just individual endpoints
Receive virus and intrusion block notifications
Customize protection level for entire network, per profile, or per device