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Our GigaMesh Wi-Fi extenders fill in Wi-Fi gaps and extend coverage. Up to one GigaMesh unit is included with Ultimate Wi-Fi service if needed to achieve whole-home coverage. While rarely necessary, additional units may be rented for $5.95/mo.

  • Seamless handoffs: Wi-Fi experience is continuously optimized, even as devices move throughout the home.‚Äč
  • Elegant design
  • True gigabit speed with 1.8 Gbps of total bandwidth.
  • Continually assesses WiFi to optimize device performance and reduce interference.
  • WAN port to support wired and wireless mesh compatibility
  • 2×2 internal antennas with beam-forming technology to extend coverage
  • Compatible with WiFi 6 standard
  • Connects with the Premier GigaSpire wireless router to create a wireless mesh network throughout your home

Equipment Files