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VVX D230


Your team is on the move and needs a handset that keeps up. Get all the business features you’d expect from a desk phone at your fingertips.
on the call will experience clear, interruption-free conversations. So work gets done. All around the office. And you can take IT off speed dial.


  1. Lines
    Multiple line support for handsets. Up to 8 simultaneous calls and up to 8 lines per handset.
  2. Display
    2” bright color backlit display that shows the menu and allows you to easily adjust settings.
  3. Keys
    4-way navigation cluster with a center select key and a 12-key dial pad with controls for mute, redial and speaker.
  4. Audio Features
    Polycom HD Voice technology and Polycom Acoustic fence technology provide voice clarity and eliminate noise and distractions around you. The full duplex speakerphone, equipped with Acoustic Clarity Technology brings the audio experience as close as possible to being in the same room.
  5. Headsets
    Connect the right headset to suit your work style. RJ9 and Electronic Hook Switch supported—or connect through the headset port and have additional call, mute and volume controls synchronized from the headset.
  6. Workplace Mobility
    Have the freedom to move around with an indoor range of up to 165ft (50m) and outdoor range of up to 980ft (300m).

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