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CL Tel Introduces Outdoor Wi-Fi

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa—CL Tel, a leading provider of telecommunications services in North Iowa, announced the launch of CL Tel Outdoor Wi-Fi, a game-changing solution designed to expand high-speed connectivity outside your home or building.

Ten out of ten coverage. It’s fantastic! We never have any problems with Wi-Fi on our deck.
– Jennifer Merfeld

The new service is for homeowners looking to extend Wi-Fi to sheds, back patios, or fire pits. Businesses can seamlessly handle digital transactions with no delay. Companies can enhance their customer’s experience through a reliable connection to the digital world.

“Residents and businesses have requested additional Wi-Fi coverage for entertainment and outdoor activities,” said CL Tel COO Chris Lovell. “From patios and lake house rentals to workshops and cabins, we have heard there are many essential outdoor uses that our neighbors demand.”

Lovell said outdoor Wi-Fi can be a primary solution for security cameras, sensors, and entertainment systems throughout homes and buildings in North Central Iowa.

A Portal to New Possibilities

Enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connecting you from the patio to the fire pit and the workshop to the farthest corner of your yard. Stream your favorite movies and music, take work calls on the deck, hang out with the kids as they play in the yard, and stay perfectly in sync with all your connected devices. This is Wi-Fi reimagined for the outdoors.

  • Stream from Your Workshop in the Winter: The new Outdoor Wi-Fi router is built to withstand various weather conditions — rain, snow, and heat — ensuring uninterrupted connectivity regardless of the weather.
  • Seamless Summer Surfing: With high-speed connectivity up to 1 Gig, users can enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and downloading. This performance level ensures users can stay connected outdoors and enjoy their favorite online activities without lag or interruption.
  • Upgrade Your Entire Property: CL Tel manages the installation process from start to finish, ensuring no dead spots exist. This hassle-free installation means we install, optimize, and maintain while you relax.

Read more information about CL Tel Outdoor Wi-Fi.

About CL Tel:

CL Tel, a service and community-focused company since 1895, is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, adopting advanced technology, and contributing to the communities it serves. Now under its fifth generation of family leadership, CL Tel is committed to the long-term provision of top-tier technology to Clear Lake, Mason City, Ventura, and surrounding rural areas. Clear Lake and Ventura are 100% fiber-to-the-home communities and have been recognized as Smart Rural Communities by the NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association.

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