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Customer Service can Make or Break your Internet Experience

CL Tel technicians standing in garage.

We’ve all been there — sitting on hold for long periods of time while elevator music hums a soft melody. Or being transferred to multiple people who are “happy to help,” but no one seems to have the answers. When you experience an issue, you must be comfortable with your providers’ customer support approach before selecting a plan.

The Right Fit for your Needs

Troubleshooting center. Live Chat. Phone. However you prefer to communicate, you want to ensure that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) support matches your needs. You want to speak with someone local, knowledgeable and honest.

Do you live in a condo, work from home, and use streaming services every now and then? Are you a family of five with three teens that like to game? Your ISP should understand your environment and be able to make the right suggestions to match a service to your needs.

You also want an ISP that works to deliver same-day solutions and wants what’s best for you and your experience. Issues will crop up even with the best ISPs.

Online Troubleshooting

Often, the easiest thing to do when you’re experiencing issues is to visit your provider’s website — if your service isn’t completely down. Many companies anticipate your self-help attempts with a troubleshooting or Frequently Asked Questions section. This can be all you need if you’re a little tech-savvy.

Check out how extensive the topics are on your provider’s website. They should address issues like slow or no Internet connection, spotty Wi-Fi, or an inability to stream. Make sure you click to expand some of those items. If they have multiple options with specific directions, you’re likely in good shape to be able to help yourself when necessary.

Here are seven common questions we answer at CL Tel:

A Phone Call Away

Even if you feel confident you can solve most of your issues, you should plan for times when you need support from a real, friendly voice. You want someone who’s trained to get your service back to 100% functionality. Let’s say your Internet is completely down and you can’t get online, or the issue is out of your wheelhouse. A company that prioritizes your experience will have several ways you can reach them for real-time help.

Most ISPs include online forms, social media and live chat. At CL Tel, we’ve found that phone calls are an effective communication tool. Our representatives receive the same training as our technicians and have answered thousands of complex customer questions.

Response Time

Knowing your ISP’s response time is vital when you need to be back up and running as soon as possible.

Have an issue where your ISP needs to stop by your house? See if they offer same-day assistance. Internet installation? Request a specific, scheduled appointment (e.g., 8:15 a.m.) instead of a four-hour timeframe (e.g., Noon to 4 p.m.).

For minor issues, a 24-hour wait for a reply email might not be a big deal. But when a time-sensitive work project or homework deadline looms, you’ll want to ensure that a 24-hour line provides help in minutes and you’re not holding for a half hour. During normal working hours, your ISP should have someone local and familiar with your area on hand to answer questions.

Research on the front end is worth the extra time. Select a provider that prioritizes you and understands that your service “just needs to work.” When something goes awry, you want to have confidence that your ISP is working for you and your community. And while connecting online can solve a lot of questions, the human connection from your ISP cannot be underestimated.

Have a question? Chat with us at 641-357-2111, stop by our office, or visit the website.

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