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Cybercriminals have Graduated to the Student Loan Hoax

$20,000.00 of student loan relief!!!

Cybercriminals know this is amazing and want to take advantage of this recently announced process using fraudulent applications. 

Don’t Trust if it’s Sus:

If you get an email from an “official federal agency,” you should think twice. The email could say you need to apply for student loan relief and provide a link to an application. Click the link, and you’ll be taken to a fake application page that asks for sensitive data (e.g., direct deposit details). Cybercriminals will use this information to access your bank account and take your money. 

Tips to be Scam Free:

  • Be suspicious of emails, texts, and social media posts containing information about student loans or other financial relief plans. 
  • Stay up-to-date about financial relief efforts by following local news and other trusted sources. 
  • Visit an official government website and only follow links from that website.

Before you click a link, hover your mouse over it. Ensure the link leads to a legitimate, safe website that corresponds with the content in the email.

Your friendly neighborhood security guy,


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