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The Future of Local and Neighborhood Security?

Smart home controls

You want your home to be a safe haven where you can relax and have peace of mind. Feeling protected in your whole neighborhood is as essential as feeling secure in your home. Security is more than just cameras and lights. It’s about creating an overall feeling that someone—a system or a neighbor—is looking out for you and your loved ones.

Building a secure neighborhood requires a mixture of tools and community engagement. In today’s digital world, security has evolved into smart security. Connecting with your neighbors is even easier with smartphones and mobile apps. Let’s explore solutions your neighborhood can implement with today’s technology.

Automated Lighting

Well-lit streets throughout the neighborhood enhance safety and provide a sense of security. But keeping every home and every street lit would require a lot of power if it weren’t done in an energy-efficient manner. Automated lighting, or smart lighting, can illuminate a neighborhood without wasting energy, as streetlights automatically turn on at sundown and off at sunrise. Likewise, installing motion-activated lights at home provides extra lighting only when needed.

Smart Security Systems

Today’s security system technology has evolved from simple camera monitoring to fully engaged smart homes built for safety and convenience. With services like CL Tel Security & Smart Home solutions, you can control everything from your lights and doors to your thermostat and HVAC from your mobile phone. These systems can even expand to cover entire neighborhoods.

Mobile Apps

Tons of apps are designed explicitly for neighbors and community members to engage and connect with each other. Some examples are Nextdoor, Olio, Citizen and Nearlist. Users of these apps can share information about potential dangers and keep the whole community in the loop.

Have you left your garage door open or had a package delivered while away? Social media apps can make a neighborhood feel safer. An engaged neighborhood where residents stay connected and know one another is safer. Neighbors who know your typical routines or even basic information about you are more likely to be able to tell if there is suspicious activity around your home. 

Emergency Response

How a community handles emergencies can make a big difference. Knowing specific procedures are in place makes everyone feel safer. For example, geofencing uses a virtual fence that runs across a real-world area. It’s a common security tool for businesses but could also be used for homes. You can choose to be notified when a person crosses the virtual barrier and can set up automatic actions like calling 911 or an emergency contact.

Keeping your Security up to Date

As technology advances, so do potential dangers. If your digital security measures are outdated, they’re more vulnerable to a breach. Equipping your home and neighborhood with the latest systems is essential, so contact CL Tel to learn more about our smart security solutions.

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