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A Vital Connection: Why Reliable Internet is Business’ Best Friend 

Internet reliability can affect how well you serve your customers and clients – whether you own a small business or lead a large corporation. From office-based companies to popular local restaurants, nearly all of today’s businesses rely on the Internet.  

Consider the following scenario: It’s a busy Friday evening at your favorite restaurant. Diners are eager to place their orders online. However, an unexpected outage occurs, halting the flow of online orders. Not only does this potentially result in revenue loss, but it also has the potential to invite negative customer reviews.  

This narrative underscores the value of a dependable Internet connection. Beyond connectivity, it shows the importance of a seamless and uninterrupted experience for your clients.  

So, whether you’re scaling up your business or looking to boost productivity, fast, reliable Internet service is essential. When choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP), there are a few key features and benefits to look for to ensure you’ll get the dependable connection your business needs to thrive. 

Look for a company that can guarantee multigig services. This term typically encompasses speeds between 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. Providers often use multigig services to support Ethernet high-speed data transmission, so it’s crucial for businesses that exchange large amounts of data quickly via a physical connection. 

Ethernet Ring Delivers Reliability 

An Ethernet ring is a network topology that enhances network reliability by allowing the data flow to change direction if one connection fails. While an Ethernet ring isn’t a requirement for high speeds, it’s essential for “always-on” business operations. You get high-volume data transfers and reliability for applications like video conferencing, cloud-based apps, digital voice services, and financial transactions.  

Let’s talk latency for a moment. A 100 Gb Ethernet ring offers latency as low as 0.73 milliseconds. That’s more than 33,000 times faster than the blink of an eye. This can be the difference between your applications running in “near-time” vs real-time.  

Imagine the use cases for real-time monitoring and control of production lines in the food processing industry. How about facilitating real-time monitoring, automation, and machine-to-machine communication for the advanced manufacturing industry? Even the transportation and logistics industry can realize real-time tracking, route optimization, and supply chain visibility benefits.  

Scaling to Meet the Needs of North Central Iowa 

CL Tel built an Ethernet ring in Mason City, delivering Internet to many businesses in North Central Iowa. We recently added a third fiber hut that connects to the ring. This connection will power more companies in Mason City’s northeast quadrant by Spring 2024. Your business could employ multigig services and have access to all the benefits and reliability of working with the area’s top choice for Internet.  

Strategic Business Internet Prerequisites 

Before jumping into the Internet Gig pool, we recommend you take stock of your current Internet needs. Consider how your needs may change as your business grows.  

• Bandwidth — How much bandwidth is my business using? How might those needs change?  

• Latency — What level of latency can we tolerate now? Will that change as we grow? 

• Scalability — How easily can I upgrade service as my business grows? 

• Tech support — What types of support can I expect? 

• Data caps — Does this ISP charge additional fees if my business exceeds its data limit? 

• Availability — Does this ISP offer the service I need in my area? 

CL Tel is poised to guide you through this deliberate process. As a local provider, we possess an intimate understanding of your unique experiences. Our commitment lies in affording you a reliable service with symmetrical upload and download speeds untethered by data caps – guaranteeing secure and dependable Internet services to your store, building, or enterprise.  

Elevate Your Business with Reliable Internet 

If you’re ready to explore the potential of a robust Internet connection, visit or call us at 641-357-2111. Our expertise is the pivotal asset in ensuring your business uses the dependable Internet connectivity it requires.  

Ready to scale your business with the best Internet in north central Iowa?  

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