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Lifeline & Relay Iowa

Lifeline is an FCC program that helps make communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. Eligible subscribers can receive a discount on qualifying monthly telephone service, broadband Internet service or bundled voice-broadband packages.

If you would like an application mailed to you, contact Lifeline at 800-234-9473 or


Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications in Iowa

Lifeline is a federal program that offers a monthly discount on Phone or Internet service to qualifying families across the US. It ensures communication tools remain affordable, regardless of economic situation.

Currently, the Lifeline discount is $9.25 per month for Internet service or $5.25 per month for Phone service (wireline or cellular). If your income level is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you may qualify for the discount. You may also qualify if you or a qualifying dependent receives:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veteran’s and Survivors Pension Benefit

Not sure if you qualify? Visit Lifeline Support to learn more about how to qualify, application requirements and discount information. Or, apply for Lifeline today.


Relay Iowa: Full Telephone Accessibility for Those With Hearing Disabilities

Relay Iowa is a relay service focused on helping those who are hard of hearing or deaf and those with speech difficulties complete phone calls with businesses or other individuals. The relay service features specially-trained operators who stay on the line to relay conversations over a text telephone (TTY) or verbally between callers.

There is no additional charge to use the relay service and it’s completely confidential. CL Tel offers free usage of our TTY for one-time calls at our business office, located at 107 North 4th Street. We also have TTY equipment available for rent.

Toll-Free Relay Iowa Numbers

711 (Voice/TTY.ASCII)
1-800-735-2942 (TTY)
1-800-735-2943 (Voice)
1-800-264-7190 (Spanish)
1-877-735-1007 (Speech to Speech)
1-800-676-3777 (Sprint Relay Customer Service)
For 900 services through Relay Iowa
1-900-230-3031 (Voice/TTY/ASCII/Spanish)

If you have questions about Relay Iowa or would like to speak with us about our TTY services, please reach out to us or visit our office. We’re always here to help!