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Benefits of Choosing a Local Internet Provider

CL Tel is Northern Iowa's fiber internet provider

Integrating digital tools and services into our lives, both at home and at work, is extensive. A reliable Internet connection is essential. Disruptions can undermine how we navigate an entire day. So, choosing an Internet provider is a critical decision.

Local vs. National, small vs. large, next-door neighbor vs. Corporate Conglomerate—shopping for the Internet has many facets. In north central Iowa, residents often must choose between local and nationwide brands. Check out the differences below. 

Unique Community Knowledge

The employees of an Internet provider are the team that directly manages your services. They are the ones who advise you on the best options for your needs. It’s a thoughtful approach, asking the right questions to ensure you get the best value for your Internet performance. 

A company with employees living near the people it serves will have firsthand knowledge of its community, its residents and their needs.

Better Customer Service

When you have trouble logging in to your account, paying your bill, adding a new service or experiencing an outage, the customer service department can solve the problem. When these employees are from your community, they understand your unique challenges and needs. They really care about who they help. It makes a huge difference. Also, local customer service representatives and technicians can resolve issues faster. 

Competitive Pricing

Review the fine print. Many introductory Internet prices are lower but rocket up to a local provider’s pricing once the introductory rate ends. Look for additional charges, data caps, router rental fees and typical speeds. 

Data Privacy

Hackers will often target larger companies where they can access a bigger trove of data. So, national companies may be more enticing targets for troublemakers. Also, these companies may not be as quick to communicate problems to customers. A local Internet provider can be more focused and responsive when monitoring a smaller, local-focused network. 

Network Stability

Internet providers who service many regions across the country must manage greater technical complexity. Their network might be easily overburdened or there may be blind spots in their service. A localized network means your Internet provider can focus on the specific needs of its local service area, spending all of its resources on optimizing its infrastructure to meet the needs of Main Street, a city, or a region. 

Making the Best Decision for You

One final benefit of going local is that you won’t be locked into a long-term plan or lose the initial low promotional rate. 

So, get in touch with CL Tel to learn more about our Internet plans and enjoy all the benefits of a community provider. 

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