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Three Essential Reasons to Choose Fiber Internet 

Has your home Internet been up to speed this year, or has it lagged? If you want faster and more reliable connectivity, it’s time to explore fiber Internet options with CL Tel. Discover the benefits of fiber and the advantages of teaming up with a local Internet service provider.

Reliable Performance

In North Iowa, fiber Internet stands out for its unmatched performance. You want to know that your upload and download speeds will remain stable for work, play, and everything in between.

  • Any time of day
  • Regardless of peak usage times
  • Serviced by a trusted, local provider

Reliability ensures you can stream 3 Body Problem on Netflix, play a VR game, listen to your favorite Spotify playlist, and grab recipe ideas from Alexa. All at the same time. 

At CL Tel, opting for fiber elevates your online experience. It offers peace of mind through responsive customer service that swiftly addresses any issues. 

High-speed Connection

We know what it’s like to sit there and wait for a movie to buffer. We’ve heard the work-from-home stories about frozen screens on video calls. And unfortunately, we know about the “it’s taking forever to download a document” tale. Frustrating? Yes. Connecting with fiber Internet means you can expect consistently high speeds without delay.¬†

Ensure your router can handle all your devices and all your Internet activities.


You use your Internet connection for many things, from remote work and entertainment to smart appliances and home security. What if downloading a movie to watch offline was fast enough, but trying to upload a document to your cloud storage took hours? That’s why choosing fiber Internet with symmetrical speeds matters. Your uploads are just as crucial as your downloads. 

Plans Just for You

The big-time providers are always looking for a way to pull you in and lock you into a contract. They’ll promise big deals and surprise you with increased prices a few months later. 

Since they cater to everyone, they might offer something other than a plan that works specifically for you. A local Internet service provider, one from your very own community, just gets you. CL Tel can create a personalized plan that fits your needs and offers a price that stays within your budget. There are no gimmicks, and service plans and billing options are flexible.

More fiber in your community

CL Tel is a proud local fiber Internet service provider, happy to offer high speed and reliability to Iowa communities. Whether streaming a game or powering your business, you deserve the best from your connection. 

Discover options that fit with your lifestyle. 

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